Forza Juventus

juventus-winning-serie-a-2018The amazing story behind Forza Juve

lt's match day at the Allianz Stadium. You awkwardly find your seat, gaze at the lush green pitch and feel the electric anticipation. In their thousands, your fellow supporters break into song. At first soft, the sound suddenly climbs into a piercing ltalian roar of Juve, Storia di un Grande Amore! and you are completely overwhelmed with the feeling you are part of something truly special.

Juve, Story of a Great Love sums up exactly what it means to be a supporter of the valiant Bianconeri. Here is everything you ever wanted to know about the official anthem of Juventus Football Club. Following the disastrous 2006 Calciopoli match-fixing scandal, Juventus were punished with relegation to Serie B. The following year the club adopted as its new anthem a recording of Storia di un Grande Amore. The song was actually written Alessandra Torre and Claudio Guidetti in 2005 as the successful entrant in a competition, but it is the 2007 arrangement of Juve fan and swing singer Paolo Belli that began to accompany the Bianconeri.

Reawakened, in 2007 Juve instantly swept back to SerieA with some pulsating football. And it was Storia di un Grande Amore that provided the soundtrack to an exciting new era which, after some catching up, has now seen Juventus claim an unprecedented seven consecutive SerieA titles up to the year 2018. So, what is it about Storia di un Grande Amore that makes it so special? Well, like most great music, it is a pure love song. It evokes the almost romantic feelings of being a Juve supporter, part of a great collective spirit that can achieve anything, Look at these key phrases that help characterize the special relationship fans share with the club.

It begins, 'Like heroes, we've got a striped heart': a declaration of how deep the 'great love' goes. Surprisingly, the first players were not much impressed by the new jersey designs (borrowed from a humble English side, Notts County), said to represent purity, power, aggression and authority- characteristics very apt for today's Juventus. Yet now, every fan's striped heart bleeds black and white, as they say. When the fans sing the beautiful words, 'we are like an embrace', they feel that united sense of togetherness which captures the essence of team sport, the feeling that as a group you can march towards 'conquest' and glory.

Dripping with history, we hear in the song about the 'bull that really stands up for you', a reference to the symbolic animal of Turin, the bull, or toro in Italian. The song declares that 'every new page will be the history of us all,' cementing the part that each supporter has to play in the almost guaranteed victories of Juventus in the future, as well as those of the great past. But what really makes the anthem extra-special is the awesome sound created by the forty thousand fans as they reach the thrilling refrain, bringing up the hairs on the back of every neck in the house: Juve, story of a great love. White that embraces the black.

Forza Juventus