Forza Juventus

juventus-fc-1897A brief history of Juventus F.C.

Did you know that Juventus FC has existed for over 110 years? I thought you should know. The club is based in Turin, Italy. It was established in 1897. This makes it amongst the very famous and successful club in history of the Italian football and the whole world at large. This Latin word means youth. According to IFF, the club stands to be among the best and its second successful club.


The club was founded as the sport- club in the late 1897 by a certain student who came from Massimo School in Turin where it was then later named Juventus football club. Joined the Italian championship in 1900. The financial status of the club was revived in 1904 by Ajmone where they transferred their field from the piazza to velodrome that was appropriate place. Used to wear pink and black kit. This club first won the championship league in the year 1905 playing on their home ground. By then, they had changed to black and white kit that they were inspired by the inland club from Notts county. In 1906, team was a split on the fact that they were to be moved from Turin. Alfred Dick who was then president was not pleased with this where some players were left to form Torinese (Torino Fc). Juventus did spend a lot to rebuild after this split and survived the so called world war one.


The owner Edoardo gained control of this club in 1923 and then built a new stadium. Joined the second championship in 1925-1926 after beating Roma. Had decentralized fan base that led to a win of 5 consecutive Italian league championship. After moving to stadio comunale they were unable to get dominance of the championship and revived after the Second World War. Came to a win in the year 1966-1967. They won various cups in 1972 and 1972 with best players like Roberto and Franco. With Giovanni, the club was led to major European title win (UEFA CUP) in 1977 and dominated in early 1980s.


Club started off the 1980s where they won this title almost three times by the year 1984. This makes up to 20 titles to this far and were the given an opportunity to add a star on their shirt where it was the first Italian to make such achievement. Their player Paolo Rossi was named the player of the year in European following his help in the 1982 world cup. There are so many awards that the players of Juventus won from the European stage point. In 2010, the club challenged to strip scudetti from the year 2005 to 2006 where the relegation later was discovered had no merit.


Returned to SerieA in 2008 season with Claudio as a manager. But with Conte, they went unbeaten of the entire 2011 to 2012 series. Achieved semi final of the Europa and eliminated home by benfica where they missed out the final in home ground. The history is so long and Juventus is a big team that stands out as a club on its own in Italy due to its achievements and considering it history, its among the oldest clubs.

Forza Juventus