Forza Juventus


There are four things about Juventus Football Club that every soccer lover needs to understand. Juventus is not just the sum of its memorable matches and amazing players, but also the songs sung by its devoted fan-base and the curious history of its humble origins. To help you truly appreciate the wondrous impact this single team have made on Italian and world football we are going to reveal the hidden secrets of that unprecedented success.

Have You Heard the Astonishing History of Juventus F.C.?

Juventus are the most recognizable soccer team in Italy and one of Europe's towering giants. But do you know the staggering story of how this once tiny club from Turin became a symbol of unflinching power and supreme dominance? What is the tale behind Juve's inauspicious origins and early victories? Read on to discover the inside track on the Bianconeri's shocking scandals, painful tragedies and redemptive glories. Here is a story that will leave a lump in your throat and set your heart ablaze.

Who Are Juve's Greatest Ever Legends?

Hundreds of superb footballers have been lucky enough to wear the famous black and white striped jerseys. But only a select band of heroes have achieved legendary status thanks to their world-class technique, searing passion, and unique achievements. There have been local boys from Turin and ingenious Italians, brilliant Brits and creative wizards from the continent. And who were the mighty athletes from Africa and South America to have etched their precious names into the holy writ of Juve history? Also we should not forget about the faithful supporters, fans and club arrangements like the Official Juventus summer camps in Canadian cities like Toronto, Edmonton, Ottawa, Vancouver just to name a few. Hence we are also thankful to our sponsor site for their continuous support in keeping this site running. These are the men that the Juventus faithful will forever remember with due veneration and adoration.

Which Were the Most Legendary Juventus Matches?

Countless entertaining fixtures have kept Juventus supporters spellbound for decade after decade. And among that seemingly infinite list of top-class soccer games, a few utterly unforgettable matches have entered into the annals of football immortality. From pitched encounters with local rivals and extraordinary battles against foreign foes, we have compiled the definitive list of the great matches that have defined everything about Juve's astonishing success. Here are the 90-minute contests during which time seemed to stand still and itself admire the winning resolve of the Old Lady.

What Is Juve's lconic Anthem Really About?

No story about Juventus could ever be complete without a proper explanation of what it means for the thousands upon thousands of die-hard fans to love their special club. For, what makes Juventus particularly special is the unique relationship their supporters share with the club. Never has a football relationship seen such deep lows and giddy highs as that experienced by the Juve faithful. So, how do forty-odd thousand supporters express this sensation week on week? They do so through the great unifying act of singing one of the most passionate football anthems you will ever witness. What is the story behind this exhilarating hymn- as the Italians call it- to every Juve fan's one true love? You won't want to miss out on this key insight into the secret soul of Juventus Football Club.

Forza Juventus